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Welcome, I am delighted that you are here and while there may be some uncertainty about the journey ahead, I know that you are excited about it.


I am Nike, KG hypnobirthing teacher, experienced midwife and birth enthusiast. 


What drives me is to be holistic, that means that your experience, knowledge and your desire matters to me and are central to the quality, evidence based service, that  I am proud to deliver.

It is clear to me that my calling goes far beyond the mainstream midwifery care, the way women and families are currently receiving it.  I firmly believe that while pregnancy and birth can be physically and spiritually intense, it does not have to be frightening, it can indeed be calm, you can be in control and definitely comfortable.


However birth turns out, you can exercise your choice because it is your body and your baby.  But if you don't know your choices, in reality, you have none. I am passionate about knowing you knowing your choices and having the tools to make the decisions that is right for your personal circumstance.

Pregnancy is not an illness, therefore women can and should be partners in their care pathway; be fully and honestly informed so that they can make the right choices for themselves and their family; they should not expect to loose their dignity along the way.  In fact, they should and can emerge confident and positive. I support and empower women and birthing people and their partner with the tools to enable them to do so through quality unrushed antenatal care, antenatal/hypnobirthing preparation and bespoke postnatal care. 


You, your pregnancy, your partner (and your family) are unique and you deserve attention and care.  Antenatal care is more than having your blood pressure checked, testing your urine and listening to your baby's heart beat, which although are important, they are more often than not - normal.  Your antenatal appointments with us are bespoke and centered on your specific needs.  You have the space to be comfortable, discuss issues that are important to you, not just what the hospitals what you to know,  ask questions and get clarity about tests and procedures you're being offered and be fully assured that the ball is in your court to accept or decline any test or procedure.  To assist you in making the decision you will be given factual and evidence based information.  It is having this type of care plus care by the same clinician (continuity of care) which increases your satisfaction and the chance of a positive birth outcome.


As a Midwife, I am expert in normal pregnancy and childbirth, during the antenatal, labour and postpartum period,  I am skilled in identifying when to engage my Obstetric colleagues (when things are truly going out of the norm) - that is where the obstetricians are experts.


Where this care is rushed and impersonal, it can lead to trauma and PTSD to both mum and partner, incidences of which are increasing (British Trauma Association BTA), (MBRRACE-UK: Saving Lives, Improving Mothers’ Care, November 2019).



Antenatal Care

3 Antenatal appointments - Total investment £300

4 Antenatal appointments - Total investment £380

Each appointment is up to 1 1/5 hour.

Relaxed and unrushed.  Date and time to accommodate. Can take place in your home, at your office/place of work or an appropriate place of your choice (including central London).

  • You will feel cared for, heard, listened to and fully informed. 

  • Continuity of carer - (you don't have to repeat your story several times to different midwives)

  • Antenatal check. 

  • Pre-eclampsia assessment

  • Full discussion and explanations of processes and tests being carried out, including USS.

  • Detailed preparation for Consultant appointments and any tests planned by your specialist.

  • Blood tests and referrals can be done as required.

  • Know more about Vitamin K for your baby, compile your birth plan or  discuss any burning issues.

  • Previous traumatic birth and pregnancy experience, or things just not clear about your previous experience - a debrief appointment can help and this can be facilitated by my.  You will feel more relaxed, ready, full of oxytocin and open to welcome your labour without fear.

Nursing Newborn

Postnatal Care 

You have nurtured your baby in your body and uterus for 9 months (give or take) and it takes more than a couple of weeks for your body, life, family and everything to calm down.  I wanted to say "go back to normal" but normal will now take a whole new shape after baby's birth.   

It can take 6-8 weeks for the pregnancy hormones to subside and you now begin to replenish the nutrients and elasticity in the body.  (In the UK, 1 in every 10 women will suffer with postnatal depression within a year of giving birth.)  The chances of postnatal depression can be greatly reduced when there is good and nurturing postnatal support.

Practiced in older societies (including UK) and still practiced in some communities (Asian & African) today, for 40 days or a little more, after childbirth, the woman and her partner are supported by elders, close friends and other family members because they understand that the new mum need time rest to, recoup, recharge and readjust.  They will be present to:

  • pamper the new mummy

  • counsel and teach her and the father the new things they needs to know

  • bathe and give special massages to her and the newborn

  • watch over and care for the newborn while mum and her partner rests

  • ensure mummy eats the right food to replace nutrients and optimise breast milk production

In the old Malaysian communities and some present day ones it is said that when a new mum transitions into motherhood in this way, she regains her shape, her health and physical attractiveness much better and more lasting.

Postnatal Care

2 Postnatal visits - Total investment £300

4 Postnatal visits - Total investment £560

Each appointment is up to 2 hours.


Relaxed and unrushed.  Date and time to accommodate. Can take place in your home or an appropriate place of your choice (including central London).​

  • Postnatal check

  • Continuity of care - (your time is precious and you shouldn't have to spend it repeating your story to different midwives)

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Tongue tie assessment and referral

  • Routine newborn bath tutorial/demonstration

  • Newborn heel prick test

  • Baby weighing

  • Newborn oral vitamin K administration

  • Preliminary pregnancy and birth debrief

  • You will feel more relaxed, strong, fully supported at the start of your new family journey

  • You will feel cared for, listened to and informed. 

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Additional Services

New Mama Massage & Belly Binding

Antenatal appointment - £90

Postnatal appointment - £120

Newborn baby bath, massage & tutorial £50

New mum postnatal massage - £35

New mum belly binding and tutorial - £75

New mum postnatal massage and belly binding - £100

Back baby wearing tutorial £30

Newborn Bath
& Massage


Kayleigh Lewis and fam.jpg

Kayleigh Lewis

The nature of my pregnancy meant that I had a few ‘extra’ questions that I posed to Nike based on comments made by consultants at the hospital, these were primarily around the need for induction which I wanted to avoid. Nike answered them honestly and openly, drawing upon her knowledge as a midwife but also referring to her life experience.

I felt ultimately reassured and informed of my options at what felt like a slightly nerve wracking time. Ahead of my final meeting with Nike I had been experiencing signs that labour was on the way, my son was born less than 24 hours later. I went away from that meeting feeling positive, calm and ready to birth my baby. I would have no problem in recommending Nike to any new Mum and will certainly call upon her expertise in the not too distant future (I hope).


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