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About Me


I'm a mother of 3 amazing ladies, 32, 19, 13 and a genius granddaughter - 6. Yes I know....... but I could only manage one baby at a time, more power to those ladies who have their babies close together, I respect you.

What drives me is knowing that I can and do use my knowledge and skills to help a woman become more confident, relaxed and ready to meet her new baby and the new addition to her family.  I love to see her and her partner / family calmly begin to nurture their new addition and that obvious gentleness that you see about a new parent.  My joy is to know that I have, with love, attention and kindness enabled her to bring forth that fierceness which is already within her to birth and nature her new family calmly and positively. 

I am a simple girl who loves the way that a new day unfolds out of the last one and feeling fortunate and thankful to be present.  I enthuse about the wonders and colours that nature affords us.  Reflecting back to the lockdown, which may look like a distant memory now, I was afforded some unclustered mind space and self reflection time.  But when the country started opening up again, I was glad resume much more human contact and sharing quality times with loved ones. I was glad to be able to go back to my loves - open mic, live theatre and live performances, eating out and working out despite my complaining hip.

Having my own children taught me that each birth can be completely different (2 normal and then CS), that we can be forever affected by the type of care we received and those who gave the care, that the actions or omissions of care givers can knock or build a woman’s power.


I choose to support and teach women.  I choose to hold a woman's hand and build her strength during the most vulnerable and powerful period of her life - the antenatal period, antenatal preparation, birth (whatever type) postnatal period, beyond birth (nurturing mum, babe and yes dad and the rest of the family).


"Life is ALWAYS a work in progress 'cos it often shows us something new but it's always within us to REIGN FEARLESSLY SUPREME - I fiercely believe this". Adenike Asafa - Midwife


It is my privilege to be present and be part of your pregnancy, birth journey and beyond.

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