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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why hypnobirthing?
    Throughout your pregnancy and birth you will be faced with a series of stages which requires you to make choices. With hypnobirthing you gain the knowledge needed to understand the pregnancy and birth choices on offer, the implications of the decisions you make and whether they are the best fit for you. You also learn how to use hypnobirthing practices to let go of fears, to trust your body and your baby and how to work with your instinct to achieve a calm and gentle birth.
  • When should you do a hypnobirthing course?
    Hypnobirthing is not just about gaining facts, it is very much about absorbing the information gained and doing the practices so that they become innate/instinctive. This is why starting in the second trimester is good recommended. If you do start early, you benefit from using the tools in pregnancy. However, if you start the course later, it is still effective.
  • What course materials will you get?
    Once booked onto the course, you will be sent a visualisation and relaxation audio to start your practice in building confidence and positive mind set. At the start of the course, you will receive a hypnobirthing or postnatal book and a folder of the course handouts for reference.
  • What will you learn?
    You will work to unlearn fears and then learn to build confidence and let go of fears through: - Knowing and understanding the facts and your options - Knowing and understanding how the care system works and how to work it - Practicing and implementing visualisation, breathing, relaxation into your life - Fathers/partners learning how to support you and protect your space - Understanding that that the mind and body work in synergy and the benefits of this
  • What is the course format?
    The course is delivered in 4 sessions over 2 days, taking a total of 10- 12 hours. You can of course attend alone and women and birthing people do for various reasons, being single, partners away on business/unavailable, having to stay at home with other children. Attending with a birthing partner though (your partner, a friend, a relative) ensures that they are well prepared in protecting your space.
  • And after the course?
    I am available via phone call or email if you are feeling stressed or put under any pressure. The postnatal period or fourth trimester while beautiful and exciting times, brings with it its own set of challenges and newness, I am available for one PN visit for support, where I will carry out a show bath or a baby massage.
  • What is your investment for the course?
    Group classes £200 1-to-1 private classes £350 £50 deposit required at booking.
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